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Total solutions for
commercial and industrial - Melbourne

Total solutions for
commercial and industrial - Melbourne

Total solutions for
commercial and industrial - Melbourne

Total solutions for
commercial and industrial - Melbourne


HCS VIC provides commercial and industrial properties with an economical, permanent and professional flooring solution using sturdy, long-lasting concrete in a range of attractive finishes. We can restore or enhance your dull, cracked, and worn concrete floors with a number of attractive and functional coatings and treatments.

Concrete is the most widely used building material for its durability and versatility, and it’s especially suitable for commercial and industrial floors which needs to be tough and hard-wearing while still looking good. Increase the safety and visual appeal of your floor, while decreasing the need for time-consuming and costly maintenance, by choosing the right surface treatment for your requirements.

When you need economical and practical concrete floors for your commercial or industrial property, or concrete resurfacing for your current floors, call HCS VIC on 1300 997 771. We’ll arrange a consultation at your business to inspect your floors and provide the right solution for your problem and a free quote. Alternatively, email us at sales@hcsvic.com.au, or fill out our online enquiry form.


Epoxy Coatings

Low maintenance, durable, and in a range of colours, epoxy floor coatings are the perfect economical solution for commercial and industrial floors with heavy usage.

Concrete Grinding

If your floor is looking old and cracked, our concrete grinding services makes the floor smooth, level and clean to make it look brand new again.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors are low maintenance, durable, attractive, easy to keep clean, and a cost-effective option for large commercial floor areas.

Concrete Repairs and Preparation

How the surface is prepared will determine the look and durability of your concrete floor, and proper preparation will repair it so it’s ready for treatment.

Industrial and Anti-slip Coatings

Choose from a wide range of coatings such as epoxies, anti-slip coatings, and polyurethane products for the right flooring solution for your needs.

Tile and Vinyl Removal

We’ll quickly and efficiently remove and take away old tile and vinyl flooring ready for your new concrete treatment.

Speciality Floor Coatings

Different floors need different treatments, and we provide specialty floor coatings such as colour flake, grind and seals, and epoxies to suit your various requirements.