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Resurfacing your concrete gives you a modern and permanent solution that not only looks great, it is versatile and affordable. Concrete resurfacing in Melbourne properties gives afantastic appearance and there are a number of designs and styles available.

As experts in concrete reconstruction and concrete repairs in Melbourne regions, we find resurfacing to be a great option when you want a new look, but do not want to remove your existing concrete. Many concrete driveways, paths, and floors can be given a completely new appearance with our expert resurfacing techniques.

How Our Procedures for Concrete Resurfacing in Melbourne Works

Concrete resurfacing is in effect the addition of a decorative overlay to your existing concrete. At Home Concrete Solutions we can resurface your concrete using cement based overlays or polymer-modified overlays. The additional layers provide a decorative and eye-catching finish without the need to remove your existing concrete.

There are a Host of Designs Available

When concrete resurfacing in Melbourne there are a wide variety of designs, colours, and textures to choose from. Stamped concrete, sandstone, and brick appearances are one of many options for the top layer of your concrete.


Concrete resurfacing is versatile. If you decide that you would like a new look for your concrete,we can easily remove your existing decorative layer and install a completely new concrete surface.

Things to Check Before Resurfacing

Before undergoing concreteresurfacing in Melbourne, or other regions, ensure that your foundation is secure. Whether your concrete is in the form of flooring, a driveway, patio, outdoor area or pergola, any major cracks should be repaired prior to the concrete resurfacing layer being added.

Resurfacing saves you time and money and gives your property a fresh contemporary look and feel.The coating added when applying concrete resurfacing gives you a decorative layer for your concrete that is long wearing and versatile. For more information on professional concrete resurfacing and concrete repairs in Melbourne areascontact us.

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