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Decorative concrete driveways look stunning and naturally, you want the look to last. Regular maintenance and care of your driveway are essential to achieving this.

As professionals in concrete repairs and decorative concrete Melbourne regions we advise the following to make your decorative concrete driveway last longer and keep looking great:

• Regularly Sweep the Driveway

This will remove dirt and dust from your driveway’s surface. As well as looking neat and tidy, this will stop your driveway from becoming dull, and keep it looking bright and new looking for longer.

• Avoid Chemical Cleaning Agents

With vast experience in spray on paving Melbourne driveways, we have found that harsh chemicals can damage the surface of a decorative driveway. For best results clean your concrete driveway by:

o Using a garden hose or pressurised hose.
o Scrubbing the driveway lightly with a broom and a small amount of dishwashing liquid.
o Rinsing well to remove all soap suds. Dry the surface completely before using by either waiting 24 hours or drying with a leaf blower.

• Clean Spills from Your Driveway Straight Away

As with any surface, stains can occur when spills are not cleaned immediately. Clean spills from your driveway with dishwashing detergent, and always rinse well.

• Don’t Use Anything Abrasive or Sharp on Your Driveway

Using sharp or abrasive objects to clean your driveway can result in damage to the driveway. Always only use the cleaning method described above.

Concrete sealant needs to be reapplied to your concrete driveway every two years or so. This depends on the amount of traffic that you get in your driveway, the weather conditions and any spills that occur.

Maintenance is quite easy. Regularly sweeping, along with the use of a pressurized hose on your driveway will see it stay in tip top condition and keep it looking great. For quality concrete sealing and concrete repairs, Melbourne areas contact us today.

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