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Concrete grinding makes the floor smooth, level and cleans your concrete surfaces to make it look brand new again.

As most modern buildings and homes are built on concrete slabs, grinding and polishing existing concrete eliminates
having to apply new floor coverings and with the right finish you can have an incredible eco-friendly looking floor.

If your concrete floor has seen better days, why not consider concrete grinding and sealing? Concrete grinding makes your old, cracked and worn floor smooth, level and clean. HCS VIC can apply a range of high shine and non-slip finishes to make it look like new. As most commercial and industrial buildings are built on concrete slabs, grinding and polishing existing concrete eliminates the need to apply new floor coverings, and with the right finish, you’ll have an attractive, and durable floor for much less than the cost of a new one.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Grinding and polishing your existing concrete floor is an economical way of improving it for durability and an attractive finish. Even outdoor concrete can be made to look like new again, and the range of finishes for safety and good looks is limited only by your imagination. Concrete grinding and polishing is the most cost-effective solution for existing concrete floors, and the results will last for decades.

A Range of Finishes to Suit your Needs

Once the concrete is levelled and smoothed, we can apply a huge range of custom finishes from high gloss, non-slip to corporate logos and decorative finishes of all kinds.

Concrete Grinding – Melbourne

HCS VIC has a wealth of experience in grinding and polishing concrete floors for commercial and industrial properties. Call HCS VIC on 1300 997 771 to arrange a consultation at your business. Alternatively, email us at sales@hcsvic.com.au, or fill out our online enquiry form.

Main features include

  • Smooth and level your floor at the same time
  • Removes old worn coatings and cracks
  • Seals larger cracks and joint for a smooth seamless finish
  • Your choice of colours, textures and finishes
  • Can vary the level of non-slip properties

Typical Applications

  • Factories
  • Warehouses and showrooms
  • Gyms and public buildings that need an attractive, non-slip floor
  • Workshops
  • Takeaway food establishments, restaurants and food courts
  • Retail outlets and shopping centres