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We provide companies with a wide range of coatings from epoxies to anti-slip coatings, grind and seals, and polyurethane products.

Our previous works have included dog kennels, hairdressing salons, factories, showrooms, restaurants, rail stations and many more.

Our product range and processes can be discussed with you with one of our qualified staff at a time that best suits you.

You can also see examples of our works in our photo gallery section.

Industrial floors take some harsh punishment on a daily basis, so it’s important that they’re tough and hard-wearing as well as safe and non-slip. HCS VIC has many years of experience providing the right flooring solutions to a diverse range of industries. With a wide range of coatings from epoxies to anti-slip coatings, grind and seals, and polyurethane products, we have a durable and economical industrial floor treatment to suit your requirements. We’re happy to discuss our product range and processes at a time that best suits you, so speak to one of our friendly, professional team members about a consultation.

Why Use Industrial Floor Treatments?

A safe, non-slip floor protects employees and visitors, and it can be marked to differentiate zones for increased efficiency and safety, and to adhere to Australian codes of practice. Industrial floor treatments also protect your concrete from damage caused by forklifts, vehicles and heavy equipment and machinery.

The Types of Treatments

By adding different materials to the floor resin, we can achieve varying degrees of non-slip properties or use versatile and odourless polyurethane products to achieve an anti-slip surface. We can also perform a grind and seal to make your concrete floor look like new with a range of non-slip finishes.

Industrial Concrete Resurfacing – Melbourne

When you need hard-wearing, safe, non-slip flooring solutions for your industrial property, call HCS VIC on 1300 997 771 to arrange a consultation at your business. Alternatively, email us at sales@hcsvic.com.au, or fill out our online enquiry form.

Main features include

  • Non-slip for superior traction and safety
  • Hard-wearing and low maintenance for long-lasting protection
  • A range of colours and textures to add light and space
  • Can be marked for various safety zones
  • Chemical, scratch, dent, mould, bacteria and stain resistant
  • Seamless, easy to apply and can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces

Typical Applications

  • Factories and warehouses
  • Showrooms
  • Gyms
  • Restaurant and food processing plants
  • Industrial bathrooms and wash bays
  • Workshops