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Resurfacing your concrete gives you a similar look to polished concrete, at a much more affordable price. As professionals in concreate sealing and concrete repairs in Melbourne we can give a modern look and feel to your property. The sealer protects your concrete from damage.

Concrete sealingin Melbourne is done with either penetrating or film-forming types of sealer depending on the look that you want to create.

The concrete does not need grinding which means that it is a fast method of achieving an aesthetic look for your home or business.

Sealed Concrete is Easy to Clean

Besides looking fantastic, concrete sealing leaves your concrete with a smooth surface so that it is easy and fast to clean. A simple sweep and mop is all that is needed.

Long Lasting

Concrete sealing when properly maintained will not need replacement or major repairs for up to 10 years. You get a great modern look that will last!

Protects Your Concrete from Scratching

Concrete sealing at Melbourne properties provides a protective surface that will protect your concrete from scratching, scuffing and marking. Whether your concrete is indoors or outdoors it is protected from scratches and wear and tear.

More Resistant to Harsh Chemicals

The protective layer on sealed concrete makes your concrete more resistant to spills from chemicals – even harsh chemicals such as acid! Always mop up spills as soon as they occur.

Concrete Sealing in Melbourne Brings Out the Colour in Stained Concrete

Sealing concrete will enhance the colour of stained concrete and bring out the darker shades. It enhances all types of stained concrete and gives a more contemporary and aesthetic look.

Concrete Sealing Can Be Used to Change the Colour of Concrete
We can use concrete sealing to change the colour of your concrete for a completely different and unique look for your home or business.

At Home Concrete solutions we provide full concrete restoration solutions, specialising in concrete sealingnew concrete driveways, floors, surfaces and concrete repairs in Melbourne. For more information contact us today!

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