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If your concrete surface has bumps, bruises, dents or cracks, the best option may be concrete resurfacing. Whether your surface is at your home, commercial building or retail business, resurfacing can get your transform your concrete surface and have it looking good as new in no time!

So how does it work? Concrete resurfacer is made up of most of the same ingredients as concrete but with the addition of a polymer bonding agent. The polymer bonding agent is added because it helps not fill the holes, cracks and prevents shrinkage. The resurfacer comes in a dark gray color so you will probably find it difficult to match it to your existing concrete. For that reason, it is advisable to coat the entire structure to ensure a consistent appearance, rather than filling individual cracks or holes. To add color, you can blend a tint into the resurfacing mixture if you need.

Resurfacing is typically much less demanding and much more cost effective than laying a whole new concrete surface. The compound pours and spreads easily with the help of a long-handled squeegee, and is self-leveling. The surface needs to be pressure cleaned before applying the resurfacer, and after the job is done, it will need to dry undisturbed for a minimum of six hours. If you want to create a slip-resistant finish, we can brush the surface with a special broom while it is still wet. A great option if you have children or elderly people around who may slip and fall. The process of resurfacing works best when applied early in the morning on a mild day with no rain.

Whether you need your driveway repaired, concrete polished or even decorative concrete around your home or commercial building, we can help. Feel free to contact our Melbourne based team today!

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