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Your driveway is the first thing your guests will notice when they arrive at your home, so don’t neglect this important feature and consider restoring and reviving your old cracked driveway.

Driveway restoration can involve a number of different methods and procedures to get the driveway or concreted area looking good as new again. The first thing we would do is assess and prepare the driveway. Preparation may include things such assurface roughening, exposure of coarse or fine aggregate, removal of a thin layer of damaged concrete or cleaning of the concrete surface.

Depending on the extent of the restoration, the driveway may then require crack repair, patching and resurfacing.

While fixing cracks is a great way to restore your driveway, there are many other methods we use to make the area look as good as new. ‘Spray texture’ involves connecting a hopper gun to an air compressor and using the compressed air to create rounded, bubble-like textures in the concreate. It not only looks more appealing, it also helps create a slip resistant surface.

Colour coating is a great way to change the whole look of a surface and is a prefect option for people who have repainted their house or commercial property and want to change the colour or shade of the concrete to match. It also seals and protects the surface, ensuring it will stay in great condition over time.

Colour Flake is achieved by using a unique chemical combination of epoxy and amines that results in a beautiful, textural result. This is great for your home, commercial property and even poolside areas. Metallic flakes are also a fantastic option to revamp any concrete surface, the result is simply stunning.

For more information about our concrete and driveway restoration services in Melbourne, contact us today!

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